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The Importance of Customer Feedback

By Lauren Kahn 

We take pride in our work. In fact this pride is exactly how we build our businesses and attract sales—We hold ourselves to high standards and commit ourselves to deliver on promises. If you’re a dedicated working professional, then you’ve likely put a lot of time and energy into building a strong track record of success, superior customer service, and dependability.

However, building a strong track record is reliant on one key ingredient that many people often overlook. This crucial ingredient is customer feedback. Everyone should solicit customer feedback on a regular basis, no matter the industry, line of work, or level of success attained. Asking for feedback is important throughout your career as well, at the start of a new job and even for those who have years of tenure in a specific role. Why? Because there are always lessons to be learned. The moment you stop asking for feedback is the moment you stop striving to improve and develop as a professional.

Think of customer feedback as a precious commodity. The more substantive feedback you have in your arsenal, the stronger you will become. Now, the important question is the following: What’s the best way to collect feedback? Read on for our guide that will help you solicit valuable customer feedback.

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BizConnect Donates 5% of Event Proceeds to the United Planning Organization (UPO) 

UPO unites people in need with opportunities in the Washington DC area, improving the lives of young DC residents, delivering brings hope, and making our community a better place to live.

Attend our event and help support UPO!

The Elevator Pitch

By Lauren Kahn

When is the last time you thought about your elevator pitch? A working professional who is passionate about networking may recite his elevator pitch multiple times per week—to potential clients, new contacts, referral sources, and friends. The typical elevator pitch is a brief summary of what you do professionally and what makes your business offering unique. After the initial handshake and pleasantries, your elevator pitch is generally what contacts use to form an initial impression of you. 

Given its importance, have you reviewed your elevator pitch recently? Is it compelling? Does it accurately articulate your services and unique value proposition? Will it leave someone with a favorable impression of you? Let’s dive in and determine the best ways to evaluate your elevator pitch and improve upon it.

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"BizConnect attracts lots of great people who are interested in having rich conversations."

Eric Martin, Eric's Coaching

"I had a very enjoyable time at the latest BizConnect event; it was social and easy to connect with people. BizConnect is a part of my networking strategy."

Jeremy Zissman, CPA Strategies Group)

 Business Networking Tip: 

"Something Personal"


After attending a networking event I observed several people utilizing effective strategies and techniques to rekindle relationships that were in need.  I overheard discussions that included upcoming vacation plans, a child's graduation, and a mother's 85th birthday celebration.  As I moved throughout the crowd I found that conversations, while they often started with the obligatory: "What do you do" or "What kind of business are you in?"  The seasoned "networkers" shared a bit of their personal or family life to "seal the deal" in a sort of way. 




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3433 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington DC 20008

February 3rd 5:30 - 8:30PM


Our Sponsors:

Member Spotlight:

Sid Sclar

Sid is the Founder & CEO of, a residential and commercial security company that offers custom security solutions. He offers a one-stop shop for everything from locks, cameras, monitored security systems, and guard services. Sid has been in business on his own for three years, and he has a long, tenured 40-year track record in the security industry. As a former Wells Fargo Bank, N.A Regional Audit Manager, Sid was trained by bank security specialists. His expertise runs deep, and he is extremely passionate about the services he provides.

Not only is Sid in the business of providing security solutions, but he also is a community resource beyond the security industry, offering important advice and best practices in his non-sales blog and community bulletin board ( If you’re looking to update your home or business with the best security options, you should turn to Sid.

Not too long ago, a commercial client approached Sid to purchase a new security system. Sid’s team evaluated the client’s existing system and was able to reprogram it and offer advanced protection through the largest independent monitoring center in the country. In this way, Sid helped the client receive cutting-edge protection and monitoring services as well as cost savings since the client did not have to purchase a new system. 

Outside of work, Sid is an avid networker. He is a volunteer at a local nursing home. He was the first official male member of the Montgomery County Maryland Chapter of eWomen’s Network, and he is an ambassador for the Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce. He’s on the welcome committee for the Potomac Chamber of Commerce as well. Sid consults for Network Referral Group (NRG) and a Costco national vendor. Passionate about fundraising and giving back to his community, Sid leads professional fundraising efforts and has sponsored a local pee-wee baseball team. As a relatively new BizConnect member, he looks forward to meeting many of you at upcoming events and on social media!

One does not have to be Sid’s client to be his network partner.