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Networking and Small Business: A Path To Success

By Kuulei Stockman

Networking is to small business, as air is to humans. Regardless of the channels, e.g., online or traditional ones such as a Chamber of Commerce, networking is paramount to growing your business. But it’s not enough to just network within a small group. A successful networking business owner gives back as much as he receives by helping other businesses, doing volunteer work, being a role model, and even by providing leads. 





Networking Tips

A few more ideas?
Visit as many groups as possible that spark your interest. Notice the tone and attitude of the group. Do the people sound supportive of one another? Does the leadership appear competent? Many groups will allow you to visit two times before joining.
Hold volunteer positions in organizations. This is a great way to stay visible and give back to groups that have helped you.
Ask open-ended questions in networking conversations. This means questions that ask who, what, where, when, and how as opposed to those that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This form of questioning opens up the discussion and shows listeners that you are interested in them.

BizConnect makes it easy for you to establish trust, build relationships, and create new referrals and sales.

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 Can Networking Through Social Media Help My Small Business?

By Kuulei Stockman 

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by the over 100 social media sites? I know I am! Different sites offer different advantages for different types of businesses and some businesses probably don’t need social media. 

Creating awareness and being positioned as the “Go To” Person in your specialty or craft are the goals and the right social media outlets depend upon your target audience and what they are buying.  Choose your outlets based on what works best for your business and make your social media outlets an extension of your marketing plan and consistent with your website messaging and imagery.

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