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Marketing Ourselves To Our Professional Community

By Kuulei Stockman
Business networking is essentially marketing ourselves to our professional community. Some define it as “an art which can’t be measured.” This is why so many of us have a love-hate relationship when it comes to networking.
Industry experts say that marketing and networking typically fall in two areas of questions: I need to network more, but I hate doing it. How do I make it work for me?” and “I love networking but it takes too much time. How do I prioritize?” Here are some tips for three common situations: at an event; online; and with mentors.

Seed Your Network

For six months and with only 150 inactive members, the LinkToCharlotte LinkedIn group was languishing. LinkToCharlotte's goal has always been to connect local businesses and people in the Charlotte, NC area. Founder Andrew Kaplan decided it was time to juice the membership of his group. In 2008, he reached out to local influencers who could attract others to his local network.

Already having ties with professional sports teams, tourism, and political advisors, Kaplan sent out personal invites to their respective marketing departments to join the group. Quickly seeing the benefits of being part of Kaplan's local industry network, they in turn sent invites from their lists to join his network as well.

Today, LinkToCharlotte's LinkedIn group has grown to 5,000, plus it has expanded to include groups on the NING PlatformFacebook, and Twitter

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"I look forward to getting in front of prospects that will value our services and grow our brand in the greater Metro area."

Tim Robinson, Vantage Point Solutions

"I had a very enjoyable time at the latest BizConnect event; it was social and easy to connect with people. BizConnect is a part of my networking strategy."

Jeremy Zissman, CPA Strategies Group)


 Business Networking Blunders

By Kuulei Stockman 

As entrepreneurial business owners, you need a lot ... and often for free. Think about all the mentorship and advice, risks and chances, contacts and business other people have steered your way. As Praxis CEO/Founder Isaac Morehouse once pointed out, “Your social currency - how much you give to others versus how much you take - can be more valuable than your actual bank statements.” 

Throughout our BizConnect newsletters, we’ve shared many networking tips, best practices, and success stories. What we haven’t spent time discussing are networking blunders - the mistakes that can cost you valuable relationships and missed sales opportunities. Here are a few of the most common networking missteps and how to navigate your way out of them. 

Calling only when you need something. A paramount “DON’T” is, “Never first contact someone with an ‘ask’." Your first connection shouldn’t be about filling your needs. Hopefully, though, you would have already built a relationship with this person or, at the very least, got insight into how you can help them, too. By showing genuine interest in helping them succeed, your "ask" turns into a mutually beneficial relationship.

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